Raggruppa 64


Hotel rooms in Venice are like gondolas on the canal that take you far into an enchanted world

The 25 rooms of this inviting hotel in Venice are furnished in modern and functional style.



Our double rooms are a jewel of refinement. The Venetian interiors, embellished with green and gold damask fabrics, blend the glorious past with the present.



Our single room is a perfect example of refinement. The Venetian furniture, embellished with green and gold damask fabrics, wonderfully combines ancient splendour with modern comfort.


With us, you can book not only traditional rooms, but also independent apartments located in a separate structure from the main hotel.

This option offers a level of autonomy and comfort ideal for those who want more space and greater privacy during their stay.

Whether you choose a room or an independent apartment, the Hotel Commercio e Pellegrino is committed to offering quality service and impeccable hospitality to guarantee an unforgettable stay.